Friday, February 25, 2005

Just Wasting My Time ...

Whatever am I doing here, sitting at my screen??
My chat room is closed; I am just too tired to go to bed.
So I like to talk with strangers that I’ve never seen
I freely allow their thoughts to give aches to my head
Concealing my grey sky with their black clouds
I am slowly but surely getting doubts…

Can I really find a friend behind this cold glass screen?
Well I don’t know, it almost seems so for a while…
We keep each other company, try mending broken dreams
While I write a tale or load another file.

Saying things like:”Such is internet – don’t ever care too much!”
(For me neither! - In a sideline – I do not want your heart!)
I’m online just too often – yes, sure we’ll keep in touch.
However distant, we’re a mouse click apart.

So if you have to come to me to hear some little helpful lies
I have enough of them for everyone (but me) in store!
Your problem finds an open ear, and I hope good advice
But I have only words to give not more…

Ok, you may cry on my shoulder if that will comfort you
Perhaps I’ve re-encouraged you a bit before logout
I can’t brush those clouds away to make the sun break through,
Just search that little silver lining on your cloud.

Can I really be a friend behind this cold glass screen?
Well, I don’t know… I try my best to be.
But don’t take that for affection – I am not even real!
So don’t start crying on my shoulder over me!

Maybe you need a substitute, but I can’t bring your love to you!
Well, many times your eyes see clearer after getting wet.
Now don’t let my disillusions completely disillusion you…
But you cannot find your future through a chat!

Can you really find a friend behind this cold glass screen?
Well, I don’t know… at least you have found me…
Wished I could help you keep your spirits up – whatever may have been…
So until you’ve found someone better have a friendly chat with me!

What am I really doing here sitting at my screen?
Well, I don’t know – I just can’t get away
I’ve been in so many minds I wished I had not seen -
It seems better still than be alone all day.

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