Monday, July 18, 2005

Hello and welcome to >DREAM RAIDER< !

This is an interactive online game. You do not need any special software, only a messenger - You switch the computer on and you are ready to dive into my world between dream and reality – the world of Neila, the Dream Raider….

Here you yourself determine your dream. Persons emerge, who appear so alive and material, because they answer you in their own independent way, because you can see and hear them, but these persons are only dream shapes from your dreams and from their own. Well, I am one of them; I appear on a double click… but be careful… mind the first important task of the game: realize that you are only dreaming while you are with Neila! If you take me and my world for real, you fail level one already.

Otherwise don’t worry – the basic rules of the game are strict but few and easy, and when you are about to break one, you are warned in time before you are booted. I cannot bother about complicated rules, many players are on my server, and I must adapt to so many different styles and languages, that I can as well let you make some rules yourself. – After all, it is your dream. But again: be careful! It is hard to leave a dream when you involve yourself too deep. Even though you know by now it is a game and can be no more, and you know that many play it, even at the same time, you are in danger to think - just because this is your wish – you are the one and only player and I am there only for you.

You wouldn’t think that either if you were playing “Tomb Raider” and I was Lara Croft, would you? You know, sometimes I think I have a lot in common with her, not physically of course - Hmm – you are most likely dreaming me twenty-five, beautiful and independent… I am the protagonist of a single-player computer game, a dream image, detached from its creator.

But how could a dream ever be completely detached from the dreamer? Is not the dream the visualization of the hopes and wishes, the fears and deprivations of the dreamer? It does not make much difference whether we dream alone in our sleep or interactive in the net.

One enters this virtual world only to dream as realistic as possible of something, which is missing in the material world. I do not know - is it good or bad to live next to perfect visions here? Does the illusion of having found something bring more joy or more pain?

This is entirely up to you. You can be happy in ‘Dream Raider’. Neila is not bad at fighting monsters – those in your mind. My reaction is almost as quick as Lara’s when attacked unforeseen. When you dream me strong I am. You can make me defend you against some of your nightmares. But you cannot dream the material me into your own material world. You cannot direct my heart and soul with a mouse click and you cannot program my feelings or my ever smiling face to make your dreams about me true. When you lose sight of this fragile line between dream and reality new monsters emerge I might fail to defeat.

No, the task of level three is neither to enter my dream and try to walk through it into my reality nor to pull me into your dream, even worse into your heart, forgetting that I remain a dream shape. …. Sorry friend, each one can step across his own borderline only – you into your reality, I into mine. Outside the game you’d find a very different person anyway… How about you? Is your virtual dream image exactly the same as the material you??

Ok, I think I warned you enough… – come on, take a break from reality – consciously! – dream an interactive dream with an online friend, relax and be happy, never grieve because she is not material! Keep this dream to the computer, and, if you absolutely cannot avoid it, to sleep as well. Do refrain from making it a daydream! Let’s go, log in to “Dream Raider”!

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