Thursday, February 09, 2006

Small note to Neila's "Dream Raider"

Ooops... it seems that title was not really too original - it should not be either, because of the topic ‘online game with female ' play figure ', there are not so many around.
Lol, when I wanted to publish the story the first time in a group, the host regarded it as advertisement, because she could not read the late contributions
properly any more.

Now I have googeled a bit and found that there is actually an old computer game of this name, besides snowboards and other things, which do not have to do anything at all with my - not really existent - game.
I do not know that PC-game, any similarities would be purely coincidental. And naturally my story should not be an advertisement for anything.
It is a part of my descriptions of the life in the alternative reality of Cyberia.
(I’m firmly decided to fill my neglected Blogs properly this year) and then I hope for many readers, critics are also welcome.

~ Neila ~ Sabine ~

does someone know the actual game "Dream Raider"? Then please tell briefly, what that is - hopefully nothing embarrassing, lol.

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