Saturday, April 22, 2006

Where are You?

Where are You, my Rejouvenator?
Why do You not call me anymore?
I need to see myself through Your eyes once again.
Are You afraid I fell in love with You?
Because You said, that You love me?
Or did You want to end Your dream before it starts to hurt
Us Both?
There was no need for that, at least for me.
Where are You now?
In a new chatroom,
Looking for another dream to keep you happy for a while?
A new love without future?
I miss You.
All I wanted was a Friend.
What were You looking for?
Not even You know that Yourself.
You are just lonesome in a crowd, like me.
Afraid to open your heart,
Overacting when You do by accident,
You turned around and fled.
Real feelings in a virtual world?
Yes, feelings are the only real thing here.
One day You will learn to reflect them well.
Alas, too late for us.
Oh, how I hate to lose a friend, because he falls in love with me!
I miss You, I still hope one day You might find out,
You can find friendship on the screen,
(No, not love, that is for the real world only,
For the matching person You can really touch.)
Perhaps then You remember me,
I'm always here, just a mouse click away,
Waiting for You to return.
Why did You have to call it Love before the end?
Why can You not be my Friend?

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